we cooperate with retail chains, wholesalers and direct sellers
we have been operating on the market since 1989
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 We have been preserving the process of baking for generations
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WE HAVE BEEN OPERATING ON THE MARKET SINCE 1989 We bake various type of shortbread according to our proven recipe in a modern plant in Proszowki near Bochnia. We specialise in baking biscuits and wafer rolls. Our range of products is constantly expanding with new delicacies. We have added new products like jellies, fine bakery wares and wafer products. The main recipients of our products are retail chains and wholesalers. We also have well developed network of direct sellers. The quality and taste of our products is appreciated not only by our domestic customers but also foreign ones, as a large part of our production is aimed at export particularly the eastern one. We are interested in establishing new contacts with food wholesalers, large commercial chains and retail store chains. We are at your disposal all the time. Andrzej i Paweł Błoniarczyk
a large part of our production is aimed at export


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